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"Bathroom new standard" to bring sanitary ware market potential opportunities and challenges
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  With the further development of the real estate industry, modern kitchen and bathroom diverse styles are more and more people's attention. Especially the implementation of the new standard kitchen market norms of sanitary ware market, modern kitchen is not just a concept, but every detail stand the scrutiny of technology products. Chinese Kitchen business is the kitchen industry leader, in the new situation promoting green and healthy kitchen environment, we made a positive response.

  Discussion about the kitchen standard, China Architecture Design and Research Quality Standards Technical Director Gutai Chang is this analysis: "The criteria on kitchen and bathroom taps or, Bathroom good, there are a lot of a lot of standards have been born, but we very clear, integrated ceiling now on there is no standard integration to integrate all of the bathroom, and now the lack of a large number of standards, this piece from 2010,China Building Standard Design and Research Institute will sponsor kitchen with our committee today, and corporations will here today to come together to study, to discuss how to put the bathroom with a kitchen integrated engineering design and engineering inspection and installation works, these three engineering disciplines aspects of composition, how well put together it studies, this standards project, including the preparation for good in 2010 and 2011. "

  In the Discussion on the "standard" a "patent", the Gutai Chang believes that it is currently between standard and patent and some joints, because the patent is private, the standard is shared, how in standardization today which put spent a lot of money finding out new technologies, new products, new technology, and how to go into the standard.

  Faced with numerous companies are their own research, in the case of its own patent, Gutai Chang suggestion: We are wasting a lot of resources, we can not in association, under the leadership of Kitchen Works Committee, can we set up a coalition, in addition to the subject can now "five" research budget kitchen, we in the "five" issue inside, is able to declare some further research work on the decoration of the kitchen, so I think from patent from just said criteria together, we begin to study this thing is good, I think the near future, the integration of our kitchen and bathroom work may have a significant role in promoting.

  Also from China Academy of Building Standard Design Chief Engineer 马韵玉 believes in residential inside, kitchen and bathroom are the largest functional unit, it is also the pipeline facilities on the place, so when the decoration industry would like to develop in the direction of the housing, so , kitchen renovation opportunities facing common problems and challenges.

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