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Technical advantages
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Nano technology is easy to clean glass, through nano-coating technology used in the glass, made of nano-glass stain easily. While nanomaterials protect the glass surface, reducing dust and sand particles are adsorbed on the glass surface, and electrostatic interaction produced clean glass surfaces. When the water hit the glass, can form a string of beads, quickly flow down from the glass surface above water and not easy to leave water spots. In humid climates, nanomaterials enhance the ability of anti-mold glass surface. The biggest advantage is having a hydrophobic nano-glass, oleophobic properties, easily cleaned, can keep the glass surface of the clear and bright vision, reduce the time to do cleaning work at times, reaching extend the life of the glass, resulting in significant savings in labor and cleaning agents, environmentally friendly and easy to clean triple effect.
Nano-glass description:
1, the contact angle greater than 90 degrees
Drops of water fall on the nano-glass, contact angle greater than 90 degrees, 90 degrees less than ordinary glass contact

2, mobility
Nano glass surface, water droplets were dispersed spherical glass tilting movement, rapid flow of water droplets, not trailing. Nano glass bead agitation, the water block drops rapidly shrinking into a ball.

3, does not stain (oil pen testing)
Nano glass surface oil pen marks left side, you can wipe clean, while ordinary glass does not.

4, chemical resistance: Nano-glass cleaners and chemical etching, the glass surface can maintain clear and bright view.
5, UV: ultraviolet radiation is not affected.
6, environmental protection: reduction in the time and frequency of cleaning work done under the water consumption and reduce emissions cleaner, to prolong the life of the glass.
7, corrosion resistance: through nano-coating technology on glass to form a protective film to reduce contact with acidic substances, reducing glass corrosion, aging.
8, antibacterial and antifungal: nanotechnology making stained glass is not easy to keep clean glass surfaces to reduce dust and sand particles adsorbed enhance the ability of antimicrobial surface.

Safety explosion-proof glass

Tempered glass rear corner by the impact prone to burst, burst after debris uniform particle size, and obtuse, debris plummeting not splash out, so the human body does not cause fatal injuries. But scratch the skin of debris still, falling below the particles will be smashed belongings. Due to the different impact degrees, tempered glass internal stress is not fully released, part of the glass will be in a few hours after the crash, or one to two days after the burst. Few people witnessed the bursting process, although hurt less but still have fear.
For this reason the introduction of glass shower-proof film

Our advantages:
1, imported security film, viscosity, high safety factor
2, anti-ultraviolet irradiation.
3, wear resistance, good permeability, by the State Bureau of Quality Supervision repeated testing, wear testing are excellent qualified.
4, high temperature resistance, energy saving and environmental protection, safer.
5, acid, alkali, antibacterial and antifungal.
6, impact resistance, after the burst of glass, fragments will not scatter, but will adhesions in place.
7, increasing the strength of the glass, can reduce the chance of glass breakage.

Shower glass Why blast-proof film?
Glass has "three thousandths blew rate," which is a worldwide problem within the glass industry, it is also within the scope of national standards allow. Experts also suggested that consumers should avoid glass blew, blew glass and prevent damage and injury to a minimum to reduce the most effective way is to give the glass paste layer security film, security film pasted on the glass shower room, the broken glass stick Results in place until it is safely removed, thereby reducing the personal injury that may occur, and reduce the losses caused by the bombing. The purpose is to let our customers can use to better, more secure shower products; also let businesses can showerSell better, sell products without worrying about broken glass wounding question; selling peace of mind, buy with confidence, and the ability to enhance all aspects of our product quality shower room!

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