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Only to re-brand heavy quality is the forest for the trees
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Bathroom companies products events frequent, indicating that some enterprises in the development, seeking only about money, impetuosity, and even neglect or forget the product quality is the lifeline of this fact. Do not know the thought of these enterprises, there is no quality and where to develop? There is no development to talk about how to survive? No living space where the corporate life? Any marketing links around under the premise of high-quality product quality, if not high quality products as the strong backing of the market, any marketing in vain.

Product quality also affects the effect of corporate brand in the minds of consumers, product quality assurance, in order to quality as the basis for long-term promotion of the brand, in order to speed up and enhance word of mouth propaganda, to achieve the desired brand. Household, kitchen, ceramic industry, the past two years, has accumulated numerous times wrong! Smart toilet manufacturers and brand image, Yantai minds of consumers, it is estimated will plummet. Poison pot door "recall", "paper coffee table", "Da Vinci", "Supor shelves Anxin Flooring drug-related," ... all kinds of quality problems caused by the storm of public opinion, after another side of fear on the sidelines of these events, as consumers, but also helpless reflection: all this is really the speed is too fast?

A creation of the brand will take several years, decades, to pay a lot of the fall of a brand is very easy, even on the moment. Home, ceramic bathroom industry a lot of examples illustrate this point. However, if a brand, excellent quality, fallen concerns are superfluous. Aware of this, did not do, or aware of do not want to do, will bring great loss to the enterprise. The quality is the root, the brand is a leaf, can be deep-rooted leafy, not just the foliage lush, refusing to simply away.
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