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Sanitary industry, integrity of the building should be improved
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First, manufacturers of sanitary integrity of the consumers, especially reflected in the quality of products on the integrity, honesty and integrity on the price of the product producer. Today, a number of international brands Kohler, toto, American standard, etc. in domestic Foshan and other places to set up a foundry point. There are also many well-known enterprises in the phenomenon of the OEM. And international brands imported products than the price of domestic product prices to be higher than the third, but even the domestic OEM paste the international brands, and products twice its price was better than domestic brands. So the price of the pit father, so many consumers keen degree of loss of some high-end products.

This phenomenon in Taiwan may be much better. In Taiwan, it is assumed that you walk into a sanitary ware shop want to buy TOTO products, Purchasing Guide will ask you "Do you want to buy products where production in China, Japan, Philippines, the price is not the same oh!"

Second, the integrity of the integrity of the manufacturers on dealers, distributors, manufacturers. Traumatic vigorous imperial toilet incident, its general manager Ng Chi Hung imperial toilet incident was in fact the distributors and manufacturers caused the incident has been handed to the relevant legal authorities, and soon its truth will be revealed to the media said. I believe that, regardless of its truth, but indeed the real reflect a bathroom manufacturers and distributors in the co-operation in good faith, there is a problem. In fact, the bathroom companies and brands need long-term development co-operation of the sanitary ware manufacturers and distributors must in good faith as a precondition.

Third, the integrity of the dealers to consumers. The dealers are important role, directly to consumers in the bathroom industry chain manufacturers to produce the product ability to achieve its commercial value, and on major distributors final sales situation. However, such an important role and the face of the interests of the concessions, many distributors has given up the principle, there defraud consumer behavior. For example, a few days ago a newspaper exposure a dealers unauthorized tampering trademark. Trademarks of water on the toilet out, so that consumers "dumbfounding.
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