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Quality and integrity: build-time node psychological channels
The quality and integrity of the problems faced by society as a whole, can not be resolved overnight. Product quality and good reputation, is the ability to allow consumers to ease consumption, consumption of the basic guarantee of happiness. Despite the large festival market, a momentary short-sighted, opportunistic can bring huge profits, but once consumer trust psychological defeat, the whole industry will suffer a devastating blow, and far-reaching influence, the domestic milk industry is an example. In short, the quality and integrity, festive spending is sustainable foundation, is the only direct access to consumers to consumer desires psychological channels. To ensure this smooth channel, the holiday consumer market can be enduring.

To meet consumer demand for personalized

Festival market is passive, herd characteristics in such a context, in order to occupy the sales initiative in the festival market has matured, the market capacity has been the excessive release of the need to cater to individual consumers in consumer demand and based on the establishment of this niche market, open line of defense of the consumer psychology, thus expanding the boundaries of the festive spending.
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