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Focus: nowadays three ceramic sanitary ware industry market "chronic illness"
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Focus on the ills of the three major markets of ceramic sanitary ware industry. ""
The plight of ceramic sanitary ware industry in order to break through the increasingly fierce market competition and the national introduction of new control policies on the real estate industry, will accelerate the pace of adjustment of the ceramic sanitary ware industry structure, industry reshuffle will further accelerate, low correlation to some industries, low added value low economic efficiency, backward technology, the structure is serious enterprises will be eliminated.

High-grade ceramic sanitary ware industry in China is still in the era of the vacancy of a brand. Domestic ware firm size is generally small, and the competitiveness of the capital, market, technology and information are not very strong. Even if some companies have unique technologies and processes, but because its brand is not obvious, the market potential is not fully realized. And has guided the consumption of domestic ware star standard "and" technical standards "compared to" less rational ", ceramic sanitary ware in China," a little loss of fairness ", the only cause people to suppress their own market, while large-scale involvement of the end of the five-year transitional period of WTO, foreign ceramics sanitary ware brand, is bound to exacerbate the conflicts, so that the local ceramic ware line companies face unprecedented challenges.

In the wave of market economy, only those with strength, has withstood the market test of the enterprise in order to continue standing in the cusp; no strength, relying on speculative enterprise will be the wave of the market be flooded. Simple price war will only lead to the end retail price and the poor, is not conducive to long-term development of enterprises, enterprises are to be eliminated, hoping to get more good development can only choose the value of war rather than a price war.
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