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Original consumer products company limited commitment to provide the following:

1, goods damage or lost goods during transport, and logistics confirmed by the Division I free replacement.
2. Warranty Description:
(1) Glass: Our glass guarantee provided are in line with "CCC" mandatory national certification of safety glass. Glass are fragile, glass breakage during installation or man-made damage, the patch will be charged at cost price of the replacement cost; if the glass blew occur within a year since the product installed, our company responsible for the free patch. All patches must charge a year later.
(2) Aluminum: Under normal circumstances, aluminum oxide layer will not flake, rust, additional documents due to misuse cleaners, scale build-up caused by a fee. For gold, titanium-colored aluminum oxide and other coloring class, with sets of products there may be subtle color, and with the air, may produce some fade after light exposure, which we will not be guaranteed.
(3) core hardware accessories: including doors, wall clip, pulleys, handles included, such as functional failure occurs, we free repair or replacement within a year.
(4) strips, magnetic stripe, plastics aging is normal wear and tear, our quality assurance within one year. A fee after one year.
4. After the warranty period, we will continue to provide maintenance services, but will be required to charge user fees, such as materials, labor and other expenses. For out of warranty and the manufacturers have phased out the product design, we can not guarantee the same parts can be provided, but it will provide suitable accessories as possible.
5, the following terms are not Idris guarantee category, but the repair charges can be implemented:
(1) an intentional, neglect, misuse, do not follow the operational guidelines, under abnormal conditions, accidental, caused by force majeure, fault, damage.
(2) by failing to adhere to the cleaning and maintenance guidelines we provide (please see below ¡ï) operations, leading to the glass surface or coating to produce stubborn stains, mildew, scale.
(3) Any attempt to disassemble the modified or moved away from the original location to install the product.
(4) failure to provide proof of purchase and product certification, warranty card.
6, if the user does not belong to the complaint inspection Idris Company warranty terms of reference, we will retain the charge related to labor, the right to material costs.
7, as we pursue a policy of continuous improvement, product improvement may lead to upgrades, alternative products, such as the existence of physical differences in color and model, structure, etc., in order to prevail in kind, Delisi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. reserves the final interpretation of this .
8. This guarantee applies to Idris brand of shower and products. All warranty information, product features and the use of standards, with product improvements will be subject to change without notice. Most special product specific warranty period of the product warranty to prevail.
9, Delisi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. does not assume any other responsibilities and obligations beyond the limited warranty terms of the provisions of this.

¡ï cleaning and maintenance guide
1. Clean after each use is very important, with a soft, dry cloth to wipe all the glass and metal.
2. Be careful not to scale build-up in the product surface.
3. Make sure the glass after each use to remove residual moisture.
4. Use soapy water to clean the glass periodically. Do not use strong acid, strong alkaline chemical agents.
5. Place the water and vinegar solution to help get rid 50:50 dubbed watermark.

¡ï solemnly Tip:
1. The following conditions are not covered by the warranty factory free
(1) because the product is not installed correctly, abnormal use and other causes of damage;
(2) can not produce a valid warranty card and purchase receipt;
(3) without the authorization of the manufacturers of the product disassemble repair, alteration and damage caused.
2. The Company does not undertake, nor authorized service center for its commitment, responsibilities and obligations of any other beyond the limited warranty as indicated.

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