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Joining requirements:

1, Acting operator requirements

      * Agree with the company's products, marketing model and philosophy;

      * Business projects loyal to the company's products as the main products, competitors' products do not operate;

      * Have a certain financial strength and management capacity;

      * With the establishment or management of sales channels and end-markets experience and ability;

      * The contract Shou credibility, seeking long-term development plan.

2, Acting places are required

      * Store location should be in the local building materials market, striking the lot or concentrated cell (field), the passenger is required to have a certain number of lots;

      * For the agents set up shop, the shop should reserve at least 70 square meters of space as the display and sale of products, water, electricity complete, good lighting conditions, and other conditions;

      * Store outside the shop with a certain image and the necessary space for display advertising.

3, maintenance Idris brand, in the prosecution market sectors the company's product counterfeiting, imitation phenomenon.

4, closely guarded company secrets, regularly informed of the real situation of the company sales and stock.

5, exclusive marketing rights in the regions of the agents or individual is allowed to cross-selling.

Joining process:

1, read the company's investment information, may ask our staff to determine the intention to join, fill out an application to join;

2, the franchisee of the city and district agent site visits, to make early preparations;

3, the company's franchisee information and credit investigations, research and evaluation and shops to join the region;

4, Division I head of marketing on specific issues in detail cooperation exchange, contract negotiation to join the book;

5, after the company's intention to join the qualified audit sign a formal franchising contract book, and pay a deposit for the relevant procedures;

6, in accordance with standard decoration stores under our guidance, complete store design and decoration;

7, Division I regional marketing service personnel with the completion of logistics, stores display;

8, the company's franchisees to join management and technical training in all aspects;

9, shop acceptance, enter the terminal market after the sample was added to the operational phase, the company regularly to guide operations.

Joining support and guarantee:

1, brand operation strategy guide:

Tracking operating instructions, Idris bathroom specialized sales consultants, monthly tour of the customer's business counseling and help customers pre-sale, after-sales service.

Provide "daily store management manual" and other operational guidance information to guide customers to standardize management.

2, image support: personalized store decoration and display design, Idris unified national brand image I, will provide customers with a full range of full-time designer SI and CI store image design and other professional services.

3, opening support: decoration, sample, marketing one-stop service.

4, standardized management support: the decoration and product management services;

5, professional market analysis support: study and evaluation as well as shop and return analysis of investment budget.
6, marketing support: the decoration and advertising: Idris store renovation area in accordance with customer support and renovation costs given area advertising support.

Support the campaign trail: media placement, image promotion.
7, promotional support: regular Specializing in large-scale national promotion, joint promotion area and multi-brand joint marketing and other promotional plan and give the market support; to ensure that customers have a regional competitive advantage.

8, product support: styles, the product provides a stable, abundant supply security.
9, risk aversion support: opening feasibility analysis.
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