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Idris bathroom is engaged in high-end shower room design, production, marketing and related products supporting the professional manufacturers, to consumers to manufacturing safe, durable, user-friendly shower.

The factory brought together a group shower room industry over ten years of work experience, technology, research and development, production management and marketing of the elite teams. With years of industry experience in manufacturing and research and development, we are committed to research and development of consumer attitudes terminal direction of the industry, can clearly understand and meet customer needs and expectations. Performance products are now as many users in the bathroom space lifestyle, individuality taste, mapping self-personality fashion elements. We uphold the "integrity of life ¡¤ continuous innovation" business philosophy, the Chinese culture and modern shower distant industrial production integration, to create a new culture and taste return; No customer complaint is our eternal and unremitting pursuit, it is help its partners and customers around the world a powerful guarantee of success; heritage of Chinese culture and modern fashion a combination of design, we design a style of simple elegance, style, exquisite detail, functional and practical convenience, the appearance of great artistic beauty and very user-friendly shower products for every consumer to create a comfortable relaxed body and mind free shower living space.
On a new journey, Idris will continue to work diligently professionalism, hard work and pragmatic attitude, timely and thoughtful service criteria, dedicated to providing the best service for every consumer.

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